Grootman A Cheater And A Scammer?

Has he been scamming people all along?

By  | Jan 10, 2022, 09:01 AM  | Drama

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Not too long ago, the internet was set ablaze after it was revealed that famous Mzansi Forex trader, Themba Selahle, famously known as Grootman had broken up with his longtime girlfriend, Gcinile Thwala after she apparently asked strangers to pay her bill.

As if that is not enough, Grootman is said to have been scamming people of their money, and now tweeps have decided to have a field day with this news.

Grootman and Gcinile have always been the couple that many in Mzansi have been jealous of and others of course in love with how much they love each other. Gcinile, who was out having drinks with her friends, apparently asked someone else to pay her bill and just like that, Grootman dumped her and said that he had even found her replacement.

I know what you are thinking. Is this really a good enough reason to break up with someone? Why does it feel like Grootman had been waiting for the slightest of opportunities so he could finally leave the relationship?

Well, tweeps are convinced that he had never loved her in the first place and that had been secretly cheating on Gcinile the entire time with his new girlfriend.

But other than guys reacting to how Grootman has allegedly been scamming people all along, tweeps are still shocked at the way things have ended for the two lovebirds. I mean they even got matching tattoos together, and oh wait, Gcinile also has a tattoo of Grootman’s name! How worse can it get?

And with the way Grootman has always been gushing over her on his Instagram who would have thought that he would end things that quick! One thing is for sure, no one saw this coming.

Tweeps also agree that whether he has done her dirty or not, Gcinile will always remember him for the way he spoiled her rotten with their lavish vacations and gifts.

And just in case you are wondering who this new girlfriend is, well, Black Twitter has done well enough to make sure that her identity is discovered. 

And while we do not know her name yet, a photo of her and Grootman has been linked and let’s just say that tweeps can see why Grootman dumped Gcinile for her. 

He has also spared no expense with the gifts that he is showering his new bae, but even as all this is happening, tweeps still want to know, why are Gcinile's photos still on Grootman’s Instagram?

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