Simphiwe Ngema on Dumi: I think he knew he was going to die

Simphiwe Ngema opens up in her first ever interview after her husband's passing.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Simphiwe "Simz" Ngema  | Drama


The actress spoke about the last days she spent with her late husband - Dumi Masilela in a tell-all interview with True Love magazine.

It's been five months since Simphiwe lost her husband and although she's gradually picking up the pieces to her life without Dumi, she revealed that it has been a painful & difficult five months to live through.

Simphiwe also shared that in hindsight, she feels her late husband kind of knew that he was going to pass on.

"Dumi died on a Wednesday and I think he knew he was going to die. The previous weekend he had a gig scheduled in East London. He was going to leave on Friday but ended up not going. On Thursday we were sitting in our room and he said to me, 'Babe we've been through so much but we've kept [our relationship] happy.' She told the publication.


Simphiwe further shared that leading up to Dumi's passing, he began acting a bit weird and that he suddenly became moody leading up to the days he was going to pass on.

"He stopped talking to me, which was weird, but when we'd go to bed, he'd hold me tightly. When I asked what was wrong he didn't give me an answer," said Simphiwe.

In these last couple of months, the actress began to share a lot more of her life with Dumi on Instagram. Which is somewhat part of her healing process.

Our recent favourite post of her is this video of Simphiwe and friend/actress Joanne Reyneke dancing.

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