The Mpisane Family Cuts Off Sithelo

Andile allegedly questioned her child's paternity

By  | Jan 09, 2022, 12:48 PM  | Sithelo Shozi  | Drama

Image of Sithelo Shozi
DJ Sithelo Shozi, the Forever hitmaker, has been making the headlines lately for her association with her ex and baby daddy Andile Mpisane, for all the wrong reasons. Now it looks like it is only going to get worse in light of new information. 

Popular entertainment reporter Musa Khawula recently broke the news, via Twitter, that Sithelo had allegedly been dumped by Andile because he was questioning the paternity of their child. The pair have two kids together, who have tied them together for years. It seems like Andile is sure about the first, but it is the second kid about whom he has his doubts. 

Musa also reported that following the doubts Andile had about Sithelo and their breakup, the whole Mpisane family had cut her off. Remember when Andile broke the internet after buying her a lavish BMW? Well, that has been taken back too, according to the reports. 

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The news is especially shocking because it comes not too long after Andile got married in an unforeseen ceremony, to Tamia Louw, who not many in Mzansi knew about before. At the time, tweeps were certain that his mother MaMkhize – known to be a strong and influential woman – had forced him to leave Sithelo and marry Tamia. 
But MaMkhize came forth with a lengthy statement refuting the claims. She said she had no hard feelings towards Sithelo, as she would always be the mother of her grandchildren. She further said that Andile is a grown man who makes his own decisions, so she could not have forced him to get married if he did not want to. 
In light of these new claims, we are left to wonder whether Mzansi was right all along about the convenience of Andile’s sudden breakup with Sithelo and marriage to Tamia. 

As the news broke, Mzansi was shook. Questions have been flying around about whether it means Sithelo was cheating on Andile the whole time they were together. 
However, some have pointed out the hypocrisy of everyone taking up arms now that Sithelo is thought to have cheated, when Andile famously cheated on her during their relationship. But some still feel like there is a big difference between cheating and having a whole child with someone else. 

Clearly, things are not all rosy as the matriarch would have wanted us to believe. There looks to be more drama brewing underneath the surface, even though both mother and son refuse to acknowledge it in public. Sithelo, on the other hand, has kept mum through all the drama, and has focused on getting the bag, which we love for her. 
As at the moment, the information is scarce on what it means for the whole family, including Sithelo and her children, and Andile and his new wife. But the internet agrees that a paternity test may be on the way, which should help clarify the situation. 

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