I Have Not Been The Best Boyfriend

Siyabonga apologises to Lerato & family

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Siyabonga Radebe  | Drama

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It is quite clear that actor, Siyabonga Radebe has been going through the most.

A few weeks ago, the actor went on a serious rant and smear campaign against the mother of his child and ex - Lerato Mvelase.

The actor released a number of Instagram videos, which he has since deleted stating how unfairly his baby mama had treated him in the past.

Although in the videos he did not say her name, it was quite clear who he was referring to.

In the videos, Siyabonga lamented about his financial issues with Lerato and also alleged that he was barred from seeing his daughter whom he co-parents with the Seng'khathele presenter.

If you happened to watch those videos you could see that Siyabonga was deeply hurt and visibly angry at the supposed unfair treatment he had been receiving from Lerato and others in the entertainment industry.

He even mentioned that at some point it was even getting difficult to get an acting job in the industry and how difficult life has been in Johannesburg in the past couple of years.

However, in terms of his feelings towards Lerato, Siyabonga is now singing a different tune.

The actor has now sent out an apology message to Lerato and both their families. He started off by saying;

"I have not been the best boyfriend or the best father. I have disappointed Lerato’s family and my own. On top of that I have disrespected our own children and for this, I apologise from the bottom of my heart, I wish there was a way to go back into time and make different choices but what is done is done....."

..."there is no undoing it, there is no going back, all I can do now is apologise and move forward and hopefully learn to use these challenging times as an example and lesson in the future, and call myself out...because God knows I went the wrong way for far too long this time around."

He further stated that letting go of someone he's loved is not an easy road to travel and that losing the love he and Lerato shared has hit him hard.

"No amount of alcohol, late nights out and different girls can make the feeling of emptiness, where the love you had used to disappear."

The actor further acknowledged that all of the mistakes he has made have been of his own doing. He further called himself the "worst boyfriend & the sh*ttiest father" he knows.

Siyabonga ended off his apology by stating that he is working on bettering himself so he can be a good example to his peers and his kids. He then praised Lerato for doing such a great job as a mother.

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