Sizwe Dhlomo Dragged By The Beyhive

The ownership of masters debate continues

By  | Sep 17, 2020, 11:35 AM  | Sizwe Dhlomo  | Drama

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Sizwe Dhlomo has felt the wrath of the Beyhive after coming for their Queen about the music masters debate. This debate has been a heated topic in the country all thanks to Maphorisa who bragged about owning his and called out a number of artists who do not own theirs.

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Sizwe Dhlomo caught some heat after commenting on American rapper Kanye West's rant on Twitter which saw even Queen Bey getting dragged.

The media personality claimed that the international superstar does not own her music rights, he said; "Even Beyoncé doesn’t own her masters but the point is to smarten up. Kanye was still taking advances for videos in Cruel Summer? SMH! After all that popping off!?"

The Beyhive thereafter pulled out receipts in an attempt to prove that Beyoncé owns her masters. Thereafter Sizwe engaged in a back and forth trying to validate his point.

Things escalated to the point where Sizwe's past twars were brought up and some commenting on his 'know-it-all' mentality. Of course Sizwe did what he does best, not backing down, claiming that he is 100% sure that she does not own her master.

A video of Beyoncé addressing some of the many issues black artists face at the hands of record labels was brought up which then saw Sizwe Dhlomo rectifying his statement, and said Bey own music post 2011 only. "She owns only that which was released from 2011 on wards. Sony owns the stuff before that," said Sizwe.

"Where were they bought? Please produce that information? Sony owns Beyoncé’s early work, that’s a fact. They then formed a partnership after that that gives her backdated access but the ownership of that work remains theirs," he added.

As a music lover, the radio presenter told people to argue with him about everything else and not music.

DJ Maphorisa also engaged in Kanye West's rants by bragging about how ownership of his music masters as well as Kabza De Small. The Amapiano pioneer has always been accused of using Kabza De Small to push his own fame. Recently he came with the receipts to prove that he treats him fairly as he own his music rights.

"Haters want it down on platforms. Guys are jealous [of me] saying I am using Kabza. Why all this hate while everyone loves this project? Since Kabza started working with me has he ever missed a gig? So we don't deserve it," commented Maphorisa.

He also "You said I am using my boy @KabzaDeSmall Look what have we done, I didn’t want to show this, it was to good to be true...When we talk about changing the game with Masters. Thanks to all the supporters we humbled u changing our lives," he bragged.

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