Has Sjava Forgotten He Is Married, Again?

He only wants to take care of his mother.

By  | Jul 26, 2020, 10:37 AM  | Sjava  | Drama

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Sjava’s recent Twitter activity either proves that man are trash or proves the age-old folktale about Momma’s Boys true. Or than again it might be both.

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The musician soon after quoting lyrics from ex-girl- side- Let us just say from entanglement partner, Lady Zamar, the musician has revealed that the matter of his wife sometimes slips his mind too. 

He took to Twitter and asked if his fans believe in soulmates. When the question was turned back to him he let it be known that he does not. Let us hope the wife does not have Twitter because, ouch.

But the “Umqhele” hit maker did not stop there. A tweep then asked what Sjava believes in. He answered by tweeting, “Taking care of my mother.” 

Lest we forget this was a man alleged to be a father, and the wife was confirmed by his mother. Maybe when a tweep commented with, “taking care of my family,” the suggestion was directed to Sjava as a friendly reminder.

Image credit: Instagram @sjava_atm
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