Sithelo Shares Gruesome Pics Of Her Battered And Bruised Face

She accuses her ex-lover of domestic abuse

By  | Jul 06, 2022, 12:30 AM  | Sithelo Shozi  | Drama

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Durban based DJ Sithelo broke the internet this evening after she shared pictures of her battered and bruised face on her Instagram account, reigniting the conversation around violence against women and children in South Africa.

The DJ is finally breaking her silence over the alleged domestic violence she suffered at the hands of her baby daddy Andile Mpisane, who is the son of astute businesswoman Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize.

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Sithelo and Andile called it quits a couple of months, ago before Andile got married to his wife Tamia Mpisane- whom he shares a baby with Miaandy Mpisane. Many wondered why the couple separated but Sithelo is finally spilling all the beans.

The DJ hosted a Q&A session on her IG account, and she responded to a lot of burning issues. Sithelo she was asked what lesson she took away from her relationship with Andile, and she made the shocking allegations.

Sithelo shared an audio of a conversation she had with what sounds like Andile, where she denied her access to her baby. The former lovebirds have two children together Florence “Flo” and Likuwe “Coco" Mpisane.

"You will never get that baby. I will hit you now. You will never be anything. You will always be beneath me. You will die with nothing," he says.

Sithelo says she has been silenced for too long, and she is ready to tell the world what transpired in her relationship with Andile. "I am not one to speak about anything concerning my private life. More especially where my kids are involved. But everyone has a breaking point and this narrative has gone too far. I have been silent for far too long and hid my truth for the sake of my peace but today I will not be silenced."
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In another Instagram story, Sithelo shared pictures of her battered and bruised face, claiming she was beaten to a pulp by Andile and had a miscarriage. “Let’s start with when I was beaten into a pulp and had a miscarriage at the hands of my so-called “victim” in a room full of his family and friends. Rushed to the nearest hospital and treated like nothing ever happened," she claimed.

In another, Sithelo claimed Andile would beat her every week or monthly. and shower her with a bouquet of flowers: “Or should I speak about the beatings I’d get every week or monthly followed by a bunch of flowers so I would never speak up," she claimed.

In another story, Andile says he will find Sithelo.

Sithelo then shared a medical document from a clinical psychologist she sought assistance from, said no one would reprimand him of his alleged reckless behaviour.

"Are we going to talk about how I had to be the one seeking psychological help for you. Because of how tired I was of the continuous abuse.

“Nobody around you can ever reprimand your reckless behaviour," she claimed.

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