Noah Gets Jailed!!!

More drama unfold...

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Skeem Saam March Spoilers Revelead!!!

Jail time…
Noah is going to be found guilty of starting the fire at Maphosa Nutz in March and he’ll get sentenced to jail. Upon hearing this news he will run away from Turfloop much to the shock of his mother, Mokgadi Maputla and his grandmother, Mary Matloga!

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Mokgadi will find him and he will come back to Turfloop police station so he can be sentenced to jail. He will also get Leeto in trouble with his bosses at work by spilling the beans of him knowing about Tumishang killing Kelebogile Kgomo.
Pebetsi Nolo Matlaila is pregnant in real life and she doesn’t appear in the rest of the spoilers throughout March. We know that she was already showing, even though the show is 3 months ahead!
It is unclear if she will go on maternity leave after her son’s sentencing or if she will reappear again. Noah will be shocked to see his biological father waiting for him in jail, upon his arrival!  
Leeto will also be hijacked…someone is behind it!
The Seakamela’s
Kwaito will shock his family when he announces that he is going to start searching for his father! Glenda is going to throw Kwaito an ultimatum. Elizabeth is going to try to call it quits but will get the shock of her life!
What is Mantuli hiding from her family? Why does she not want her children to find their father?
(Seriously, these girls need to dump him already; they’re too good for him.)
(Tip: something big will happen to Kwaito’s father in the coming months… this will be announced soon)
The Maputla’s
The Maputla’s and Matloga’s are going to bid Noah farewell!
“A young man meets a tragic ending amidst his parents’ violent screams.” This could be Pitsi…Now that Noah is jailed, Leeto is going to realise that there’s no going back as Mokgadi declares the end of their marriage. He’s going to be stunned to learn that someone he once loved may leave forever.
It looks like Mokgadi may be leaving Turfloop with her mother after Noah’s sentencing! Leeto will outsmart them and get everything he’s desired…
Mokgadi and Leeto will finally divorce! Leeto he’s going to get divorced, get the house and his freedom back, but will he be finally happy?
Now that Leeto is single…who will be the next Mrs Leeto Maputla? Predictions are on Elizabeth Thobakgale…
Mokgadi Matloga will be back and there’ll be more drama,,,

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