Sithelo Shozi Shamed For Her Three Kids At The Age Of 27 Years

The attacks on Shozi comes after she was shading by Cyan Boujee on her TikTok skit

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Influencer and DJ Sithelo Shozi continues to be under tweeps wrath following her social media squabble with Cyan Boujee. The controversial Chris Excel have since shamed Shozi for having three kids from different baby daddies at the age of 27 years old.

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It has been raining war on social media since Sithelo Shozi made fun of Cyan Boujee's dish washing cloths. Shozi's jab that Cyan Boujee uses the same dishwashing cloth for cleaning her whole apartment, has opened her up for trolling and torment on social media.

In her retaliation, Cyan Boujee proceeded to shame Shozi for having three kids from different baby daddies with no roof over he head. Cyan Boujee's clap back has given more tweeps a leg to stand on as they have also taken an opportunity to name and shame Shozi.

"But Sithelo being a Mother of 3 with different baby daddies at age of 27 is poor womb management" wrote Chris Excel
Scores of tweeps jumped in on Chris Excel's bandwagon to also have their go at Sithelo Shozi. Shozi does have three kids from different fathers and she has never been ashamed of those facts. Two of Shozi's kids are Andile Mpisane's and the eldest is from her previous relationship.

"Being a mother of 3 different baby daddies regardless of age is really poor management." wrote LadyM
"Very bad,the kids get affected as they get older knowing they are not from the same father.I hope she is in good books with all of the dad's then it should turn out fine.Nice thing is she can afford them and not running after maintenance." wrote Mosa Hiking
In the same token, some tweeps have come to Shozi's defence, with claims that kids are a gift and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

"Children are a blessing, OMA benu have 7 kids from different dads of which some are married men or nextdoor neighbors, but nikhuluma amasimba about those who live their truth" wrote Pfumie Mukansi
"Ladies, giving birth at young age is a blessing, you'll have low chances of miscarrying, chromosomal disorders, gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. If it doesn't work out with the baby daddy move on, life is too short." wrote Ronny Mhlanga
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