Prince Kaybee Defends Yvonne Chaka Chaka's Questionable Vocals

But even Prince Kaybee seems to believe that her singing was flat…

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Prince Kaybee has been on a musical hiatus for a few months. So much so that his focus has been on his newly established wine business. This is if he is not posting his motorbike content or fielding comments on social media which continue to bring up his once-leaked d*ck picture.

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However, in the past couple of weeks, Prince Kaybee has seemingly found inspiration to make new music. As such, while he does continue to post similar content in the past. He has also taken to posting about the new music he is working on, and on music and the industry as a whole. 

One such post to get interactions on social media is the circulated video featuring local music legend and once deemed the Princess of Africa Yvonne Chaka Chaka. 

Prince Kaybee defends Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s questionable vocals

Recently, on social media, there has been a viral video clip making the rounds. The video clip in question features the local music legend Yvonne Chaka Chaka giving what can only be touted as an acapella, at-home concert. Given the fact that Yvonne is a lifetime awarded vocalist with a music career spanning over five decades. 

It seems that for many, it was surprising to hear the less-than-impressive vocals of the video. As such, the comments were filled with jabs and quips suggesting that their childhood was a lie in terms of Yvonne being dubbed as a Princess of Africa given her now-viral performance. 
But Prince Kaybee then shared the video suggesting that the vocals were not the problem. Instead, he suggested that he would not mind reworking the performance with Yvonne’s permission to better the quality of the output vocals. 

However, it does seem that Prince Kaybee, similar to others who were less than pleasant about her vocals, shared the same sentiments. This is as he was less than complimentary when he took to the comments section to assert that he also believed that the vocals were not giving what they were supposed to give by labelling one commentator as tone deaf.
Maybe this is part of Prince Kaybee’s marketing strategy ahead of releasing new music. As it was reported earlier that: 

Music Producer and DJ Prince Kaybee may have earned himself some new respect following his stance on marketing his music. Whilst scores of artists are moving with trends to promote their work, Prince Kaybee remains gravitated to the more traditional ways of marketing.

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While the world at large is moving with the times of the fourth industrial revolution and technology. So, as artists, musicians and DJ's have adapted to the new ways of promoting and marketing their music for greater reception these days. However, for Prince Kaybee, his ways remain pretty much traditional and authentic to his talent.

"I’m so toxic I’d rather let my career end than use external things to promote it, like I'm really gonna die with this cross of letting the music promote itself. I might raise awareness that music is out with a few influencers but that's about it," wrote Prince Kaybee.

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