Skolopad thinks Zodwa Wabantu is not an artist

Skolopad thinks Zodwa Wabantu doesn't have "that thing"

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Skolopad  | Drama

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When two people exist in the same arena, it's only natural that people create a competition between the two with constant comparison and South African socialites (and dancers), Zodwa Wabantu and Queen Skolopad have not been able to avoid this inevitability. 

The drama began when Zodwa refused to be photographed with Skolopad at the 2017 Feathers Awards nominee announcement breakfast and it has since emerged that Skolopad thinks Zodwa is not an artist. 

Speaking to Times Live, Skolopad said “nobody wants to be like Zodwa but she would try and be like us. We are dancers and artists and she is a dancer only."

But can you really blame her? 

Zodwa started it by telling the same publication:

“I’m not threatened by Skolopad‚ she is still crawling in this game. We are in a very fast industry and don’t know what tomorrow holds for us‚ so it’s time to make money. Skolopad forgets that we are ageing and when the opportunity lands on your lap you grab it with both hands. I’m not here to play games but to make money.”

Geez, the 2017 Feather Awards are going to be interesting! Especially if the title of "Drama Queen of the Year" ends up being a tie and they have to hit the stage together...

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