Skolopad shares picture of her injuries sustained from her car accident

Skolopad's life is a movie

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Skolopad  | Drama


Just two months ago, the entertainer was in hospital after it was alleged that she had attempted to commit suicide. However, Skolopad dismissed the suicide allegations but did not clarify why she had landed in hospital.

It's a month later and life has hit her with another blow after getting involved in a near-fatal car accident. 

Speaking to Drum, the socialite and entertainer mentioned that she was in the car with her daughter and two other individuals when the accident occurred.

Over the weekend, Skolopad shared a picture of herself in the hospital as she celebrated her 35th birthday, she later on then shared a picture of her stitched leg.


She further told Drum that she had been in ICU and was recently released to another ward. 

What is also interesting about this picture is the ring on her finger, is Skolopad engaged?

Main Image credit: Instagram/@skolopad_SA