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Since everyone’s been putting their own two cents-worth of opinion in with regards to the local hip hop tiff between Black Coffee and AKA, one person whom we think their opinion holds weight with regards to this entire debacle is rapper and former Skwatta Kamp member, Slikour.

Slikour went on Power FM to stand by AKA’s frustration towards Black Coffee’s comments.

He said: “I think Black Coffee is a very smart cat, but I don’t think he was aware that it would erupt so much and AKA being AKA is AKA.  AKA he was in his rightful position to answer that, because when I read Black’s comment he was really generalising things because twars are a global thing, people are always in just last week Meek Mill was in a twar with Drake.

"It’s a global thing, it’s not only something that started in South Africa. I think it’s also fair to say that AKA had the best albums in SA last year, despite the attitude. I feel like Black wasn’t really aware of how he was dividing us which was unnecessary and inappropriate in my opinion.”

Slikour also added that there’s a certain level of respect with regards to the different genres of music in the country, and that local artists of different genres are always willing to work with each other. Slikour posed the tweet as a segregational statement on Black Coffee’s part and to him it also came across as “snobbish”.  

Slikour went on to say that people were on Black Coffee's side because of  AKA's rude reaction where there could've been a diplomatic way to address the issue. But then again, we all know that AKA is not a diplomatic individual.

Since the argument on Twitter, Black Coffee has just announced that he is working on a project that will see unsigned MCs working with him in the near future. Wait...could this twar have been a PR stunt by Black Coffee to launch this new project of his?

For the full interview, listen here.

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