Mohale's Savage Clapback To Troll

Now that's how you handle a troll!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Somhale  | Drama

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The narrative that Mohale is only with Somizi to "secure the bag" is one that has become popular and is making fans think they are entitled to troll the couple willy nilly - but they are mistaken if they think that Somhale will take it lying down.

Recently, Mohale was serving some looks on social media when he posted a picture perfect snap of his face with the caption "Just opened my selfie camera and I —"

Innocent, right? well not to a troll by the twitter handle @MamsieT who replied "When are you buying your own car?''

We honestly do not know how we got there but Mohale made sure he puts the troll right back in her place when he replied, "I’ll buy my own car when you remove those gold stuff you have on your teeth, deal?" - and proceeded to attach a pic of the troll. OUCH!!!

Mohale's defense force also came through and stung the troll:

Even Mohale's husband felt that drag. Goals!

The lesson here is simple, kids: don't come for Mohale unless he sends for you!

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