Somhale's Italian Wedding Cancelled Amid Corona Virus Outbreak

But they are looking for another destination and Louis Vuitton masks will be compulsory.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Somhale  | Drama

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Somhale's much-anticipated Italian wedding has been cancelled amid coronavirus outbreak. This follows after the deadly virus has claimed more than 40 lives in Italy. Somizi recently divulged that they were planning to have a third wedding of their dreams with his husband Mohale Motaung in Italy, following their extravagant white wedding which became the talk of the town in January.

The couple tied the knot in a white wedding which was attended by the who's who of the South African entertainment industry and, this did not stop them from wanting to pull off another showstopper wedding in Italy. Yesterday after the shocking news that the virus is wreaking havoc in Italy , Somizi announced that their wedding has been cancelled.
In an Instagram post this morning he said, they are still looking for another destination but the dress code will include a Louis Vuitton mask.
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At their white wedding, the couple asked guests to wear red bottom shoes, this time around Somizi said a Louis Vuitton mask will be compulsory to the dress code.

A troll responded and made fun of the number of weddings Somizi wants to have. She went to throw shade at Somizi, based on his opulence and the fact that Mohale does not have so much money, so she said she wonders if Mohale ever has a say in everything they do or he just follows suit because he is told to so.

But, Somizi delivered a massive clap back and said, that's not her handwriting responding because she is kind and sweet, but her bank balance Ewu!! Somizi can ruin your weekend mood sometimes.
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