Somhale Divorce Takes Shocking Twist

Did Mohale's family return the lobola money to Somizi?

By  | May 15, 2022, 09:55 AM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama

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The Somhale divorce will go down as one of the most interesting and eye-opening divorces in ZAlebville, ever! New developments by City Press show that Somizi and Mohale never officiated their marriage at the Department of Home Affairs.

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On his reality show, Living The Dream with Somizi, the Idols SA judge revealed that no papers were signed. He documented his meet-up with a legal representative Hope at Signature restaurant in Sandton.

He explained how Mohale never signed any papers on that day, "At the white wedding when you know you know and I knew that with the marriage it was going to be a challenge. But there are challenges that come with a marriage naturally and there are challenges where you see that there's hell," he said.

"They told us that the priest didn't come with the papers. We were supposed to sign the following week and anyway, I never raised it because in our relationship I was always the initiator. So, had he initiated then he knew I was going to be skeptical because since when does he initiate?"

Hope then explains why Mohale is entitled to half of the estate, "If you are married, your estranged husband will be entitled to 50% of your estate by virtue of being married. Say you own a house in your name only. That house is not your house only but forms part of your joint estate."

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A source told City Press that “Their lawyers are in negotiations because there is a large estate at stake here.”

The source then further added, “The biggest issue is that the marriage is not registered and, naturally, it would fall under customary law, but that is something Mohale is struggling with because he is not in possession of a letter proving that lobola was paid for him.”   

Another interesting factor is that Mohale's family allegedly gave Somizi his lobola money back. They allege that Mohale's family never even approved of their marriage in the first place. 

Somizi left no detail under the rug when he spoke about their sex life on the show. "There is a part where he says I suggested threesome and stuff. My suggestion of not an open relationship, a versatile relationship were for the benefit of our marriage. Here I was dealing with someone who had issues with sex or I don't know what you call it."

"I still stayed, but I said to him let's find other ways to either we go to a sex therapy, he didn't want to go because he was in denial that the sex life wasn't great."

His best friend Lorcia Cooper then asked Somizi if he did abuse him but he did not give a straightforward answer. 

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