Somizi Saves A Fan's Life

He came in at the right time

By  | Apr 28, 2021, 04:25 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama

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Somizi has been more open and vulnerable to his community online about feelings and mental health awareness. While we are used to Somizi displaying his cushy lifestyle he does take time to be real with his flowers and discuss real issues.

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 Last Thursday he took to his Instagram to have a follow up on an Instagram video that he did on Tuesday. The socialite and celebrity chef got onto an Instagram live all sweaty from the gym wishing his loyal followers a happy Thursday. He narrates how he got a DM after his recent IG tv video from a woman who was about to commit suicide.

"I decided to go through my DMs. Thank you for trusting and sharing your stories. There's one person who said she was five minutes from committing suicide."

"She decided to go through Instagram and thanked me. She said that I was on time,"

"I'm glad that I'm not selfish and I share. I hope that my stories will encourage you, even when I am going through the most,"
 His Tuesday Instagram video was in his words him hitting two birds with one stone,  he spoke about a heavy topic but managed to keep it light-hearted by doing what he is good at cooking in this video he made a delicious cooled ginger concoction In the second part of the video Somizi touched on some serious issues, one of them reminding his followers that they are not alone in their problems.

Sharing that people are going through lots of situations such as depression, anxiety and relationship problems. He emphasised that his followers are not alone even Somizi in all his fabulosity is dealing with his load of issues.  He reminds them that things do have a way of turning around.
 In the follow-up IGTV video, he took a moment to reflect on one of his fans who came across his videos when they were going through a dark time, in a private DM the fan claimed that Somizi’s inspirational video ultimately kept her from ending her life, this is one of many DMS and interactions the inspirational celebrity comes across on a daily basis. He encouraged his followers to spread messages and words of hope to others in their own lives who might be going through a difficult time.
 Somizi has been open regarding his mental health status. In one of his infamous videos, last year in October in his video captioned “it's okay to not be okay” Somizi revealed to his followers that he was dealing with both depression and anxiety. people came out in support of the reality star commending him for helping to break the stigma around mental health.

He reflects on his love for sharing parts of his life with his followers as a way to inspire them whether it be good or bad events in his life. Somizi has never shied away from sharing details and juicy tidbits of his life whether it be through his hit reality show, his wildly successful dinner at Somizi's or his daily Instagram updates where he shows the hard work that goes into his seemingly lavish life. 

He encourages his followers to  ‘keep on thirsting for the things they want whether it is wealth, success, peace or happiness. And in a typical Somizi fashion he signed off by telling people to enjoy their Thursday and take advantage of the ‘phuza Thursday and urged his followers to maintain a positive attitude.

 The video was once again well received by Somizi fans who had nothing but positive things to say to the celebrity choreographer.

 Somizi is here for the de-stigmatisation of mental health issues and so are we.

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