Siv Ngesi Details Random Request From Dubai Tourist

The actor's DMs are interesting

By  | Jul 28, 2020, 04:30 PM  | Drama

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It sure goes down in the DMs, from a business deal, love matches and dinner request and no one is immune from those random texts.

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Siv Ngesi Sick Of Dick Pic DMs

Actor Siv Ngesi has shared how he randomly received a direct message from a guy visiting Cape Town from Dubai. The Dubai tourist was looking to spoil the Still Breathing actor as he invited him over dinner at his hotel. Siv added that the guy just wanted him to relax and then give him a massage.

Siv was quick to let know that COVID has not been that bad to him and even if the situation were different he still would have said no, he let a tweep know.

The multi-talented personality
also happened to share the post on Facebook, where his mother also happened to see it and she understood the post better than any of us.

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