A Timeline Of Zodwa And Gladys' Noxious Friendship

Gladys is annoying...

By  | Feb 12, 2021, 12:33 PM  | Thembi Seete  | Drama

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Gomora viewers are finding it difficult to understand Gladys and Zodwa’s relationship, now more than ever! The two women (played by Thembi Seete and Sana Mchunu) have had viewers glued to the screen since the beginning of the show because of their changeable relationship.

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They may come from the same background but they live in different worlds. Zodwa is uneducated, poor and lives in a squatter-camp with her son, while Gladys is a qualified social worker, lives in a big house, and has even employed Zodwa as her helper.

Viewers can’t get enough of Zodwa’s humour and positivity in life and feel like Gladys is terrible friend to her, because she’s always sucking the life out of Zodwa. Zodwa is without a doubt Mzansi's favourite auntie because of witty personality and killer lines which always leave fans in stiches. 

Viewers find Gladys’ absolutely annoying, obnoxious and rude. She’s not only rude to Zodwa but everyone around her as well. 

Remember the time she wanted to divorce Melusi because he was choosing her son’s relationship over? She’s also forever whining, unappreciative and finds problems in everything and everyone.

Zodwa is the best thing that could’ve happened to Gladys because Zodwa brings out her more cheerful personality and bubbly  that she’s forever hiding. Gladys is actually jealous of Zodwa’s personality because everyone is drawn to Gladys, which is something she fails to do.

Current storyline: Zodwa is seeing a married man, Bongani who is married to Gladys’ colleague and friend, Zoliswa. Gladys is not supportive of Zodwa’s relationship even though she’s been friends with Zodwa longer and Bongani is getting divorced.

There have been other times where Gladys was gloomy and doomy towards any good thing that came into Zodwa’s relationship.

Here’s a timeline of their noxious friendship:

When Gladys didn’t want to take Teddy in because Zodwa had Bongani over at her place, then threatened to fire her because she didn’t want to break up with Bongani. 

When we were first introduced to Zodwa who is also Teddy's mother, Zodwa was an alcoholic single mother battling her own demons, but when she got better, Gladys didn’t want to give Teddy back.

Gladys is forever disrespectful of Zodwa because she’s not as educated and doesn’t have as much money as she does. She doesn’t have any right to butt into Zodwa’s relationships because Zodwa respects her relationship with Melusi

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