Gomora: Fans Think Gladys Is A Little Too Obsessed With Teddy

When is she going to give Ntokozo attention?

By  | Jun 24, 2020, 09:15 AM  | Thembi Seete  | Drama

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Fans of Gomora Mzansi are annoyed and even concerned with Gladys' obsession with Teddy.

It was noble of her to take Teddy in and foster him following his mom's alcohol addiction and rehabilitation. However, right now it's getting out of hand - it seems a bit obsessive as fans of the telenovela try and figure out the reason behind the obsession.
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With Zodwa now recovering and taking her motherly responsibilities very serious, there seems to be no need for Thembi Seete's Gladys to keep sticking her nose in her business. But she keeps doing just that and it gets worse and worse.

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What is even more worrisome is how Gladys keeps neglecting her own son Ntokozo (played by Ntobeko Sishi). More recently Ntokozo and Teddy planned a surprise for her and bought her a gift - a timepiece to be specific. However, she only thanked Teddy and her husband Melusi. One could see the disappointment on Ntokozo's face exept Gladys'.
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Could there be more to this storyline? Some fans believe Ntokozo could be adopted and others speculate that Teddy could be Gladys' son.

Gladys is a social worker in Gomora. She’s the kind of person who will break the rules, as long as the result is good. She is street-smart and tough and believes in uplifting the community in which she works.

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