[VIDEO]: Nhlanhla Ducks Kiss From Theo!

Or were they just fooling around?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Theo Kgosinkwe  | Drama

Social media users, raised their eyebrows after, Mafikizolo band-mates were captured getting playfully cosy in a video that is making the rounds online.

In a video posted on popular entertainment YouTube channel, The Tea World. The award winning duo were recently shooting a music video for their hit single, Ngeke Balunge, whereby the story-line included some romantic scenes that Nhlanhla Mafu and Theo Kgosinkwe had to act out, as instructed by the director.

Theo is seen standing on some building blocks, as though, to make him look taller than Nhlanhla.

Thereafter, he playfully leans forward in an attempt to kiss Nhlanhla, who quickly and uncomfortably turns her face to the side. The entire scene was visibly uncomfortable for Nhlanhla,  but she coyly forged through.

Check out the video below; do y'all think there's more to these two than meets the eye? :  A Video Of Theo Trying To K.I.S.S Nhlanhla Nciza | MAFIKIZOLO

The comments section had mixed reactions, with many suggesting that they always displayed ''great chemistry''.

Catherine Selemela: ''But truely speaking a lot happened between these two if walls could talk .I'm just saying bathong.''

Caroline Kedilatile: ''For a moment ul think that they are indeed siblings 🤔they look alike bt honestly they'll make a great couple thou🌹I jst lv them.''

Precious Nkomo: ''Hehehehe ive always suspected.''

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@mafikizolo