Thickleeyonce Clapsback At Nota For Disrespecting Her

Nota dragged her and Cardi B

By  | Sep 27, 2022, 09:21 PM  | Drama

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Self-proclaimed music exec Nota Baloyi went below the belt when he compared Cardi B to Thickleeyonce. Although the comparison is flattering he said he would never sm*sh either women. 

Thickleeyonce although she is not innocent when it comes to internet trolling has been keeping it clean on the next recently. 

She saw herself getting dragged by Nota and she delivered a subtle clapback to him. 

"If I smashed Cardi B, I’d deny it… She’s no different from Thick Leeyonce to me," trolled Nota. 

Thickleeyonce clapped back at him and said although she is flattered by the comparison, Nota would never stand a chance with either women. 

"You think I’m a baddie like Cardi B? Thanks. Lol! Also, lower your standards, you’d never smash either of us." 
Nota stays disrespecting women any chance he gets. He recently trolled South African women and said he would never wife them. 

"I could never wife a prostitute, a stripper, an instagram model or a South African woman… I love myself too much to disrespect my father like that. The man raised a KING not a pathetic SIMP like some of you with daddy issues!" 

Mind you, he was married to songstress Berita. 

She announced their divorce following his nasty comments about Mihlali Ndamase. "I would like to, first of all. clear the air by being transparent to you all. I have been quiet because there are families involved in this situation. I am no longer married to Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi. I left our marital home on Thursday the 13 of January 2022. As it stands we are currently separated," she announced.

Nota continued to drag her on social media. "I married her because she is different but two years in lockdown made her lose her self-esteem & now she’s faking confidence by trying to be a slay queen. It’s sad to watch but she’s my wife, I will stand by her no matter what the devil may do to make me turn on her. I got faith!"

He was a guest on Everything SA Music (ESAM) hosted by Rea Gopane and The Blvck Steph where he said “the Illuminati dawg, the Illuminati took my wife, and they think I’m gonna beg for her back whilst she has been illuminated, no dawg,” he said.

“I’m not under threat dawg. She is not looking at things in a normal way, she is looking at things, as my daddy can’t protect me, my family can't protect me, I have been told to pretend, I’m not who I am, I need to be scared, she is really confused.”

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