Dr Thomas Chauke Gets Booted Off Stage Mid Performance

Tsonga artist gets kicked off stage by Limpopo Minister

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Thomas Chauke  | Drama

For those who are unfamiliar with why 'Tsonga' has been the trending topic this past weekend - it isn't because of Sho Madjozi, unfortunately. This is because of another Tsonga legend, Dr Thomas Chauke who got kicked off the stage mid-perfomance at the Mapungubwe Art Festival this past weekend.

Unlike a familiar situation that happened with Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha, the Tsonga superstar was not boo-ed off the stage, he was told to stop playing "this noise", when the MEC of Sport, Arts & Culture Ms Thandi Moraka grabbed the mic from Dr Chauke and requested that the music stop.

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Yes, you read that correctly. The MEC grabbed the mic like she was in a BET Cypher and scolded the Dr and his band for playing music that "nobody" could understand.

What a wow!

Surely she just didn't do her homework because Dr Thomas Chauke is not only a Xitshonga legend, but he is a top selling musician who is a fourteen-time SAMA award winner, seventeen-time triple platinum record seller and a well-respected Xitshonga philospher...so ma'm, clearly people understand what he's got going on, right?

Well, the doc and his band left the stage, leaving his audience confused and amazed and eventually cheering for his return back on stage to no avail.

MEC Thandi Moraka has since then profusely denied that she did this, but girl, please explain these receipts on social media?

Dr Thomas Chauke issued a statement earlier today after all the concern from his fans but more so, after Moraka denied the claims against her.

Of course the people are in major shock and disbelief, so much so, that the situation is causing a big debate on the tribalism issue in South Africa. Is there even an issue worth addressing? Or was the MEC right about the performance not meant for this crowd? We doubt it.

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