Mona Skenjane shares horrific story of her friend's kidnapping ordeal

Mona has warned woman to be extremely careful

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Tiisetso Mona Monyane  | Drama

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What was supposed to be an enjoyable outing with the girls, turned out to be a nightmare for actress Mona and her friends.

The actress has recently detailed a horrible incident that happened to one of her girlfriends while they were at a club in Hatfield, Pretoria this weekend.

In a rage of anger, Mona told the public on social media how she and her friends were in shock after one of her girlfriends detailed how she was kidnapped and locked up in some apartment after they enjoyed a night at a club called Moloko. She further explained that her friend was drugged by one of the waitresses working there.

"Boycott Moloko! This can't keep going on. No damn way. My friend could've been gang-raped or murdered they wouldn't let her out the apartment she literally had a nervous breakdown screaming & crying and that's when they released her. Drugged by the waitress even."


The actress further urged women to be extra vigilant when going out to clubs as it's clear that there are some men out there who are determined to prey on women.

"She is still in shock and I don't know how she would like to proceed with this but I can't keep quite. There are men in the club who are hunting girls. Protect yourselves, don't accept drinks, travel in groups. Be AWARE. These men won't stop.. yoh I'm so shaken..." [sic]

Mona Monyane

What's even more terrifying about the story is that Mona and all of her friends were offered shots by the waitress who works at the club, but it was only that one friend who had drank the shot.

"What's worse is that waitress offered ALL of us shots. My friend was the ONLY one who took her shot and she ended up almost getting trafficked or raped. I'm so angry. She can't remember what the 3 Nigerian men looked like who led her from the club YOH," said Mona.

After she revealed the horrible incident that had occurred to her friend, other women came out to also share their horrific experience in that said club and how they were lucky enough to be saved by other people.

Moloko has since released a statement addressing the issue,  the club's management has revealed that it is working closely with the police to get to the bottom of these human trafficking incidents happening within the club.


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