Tino Slams A Xenophobic Tweep!

The good homie unleashed a fierce clap back.

By  | Jun 24, 2020, 09:04 AM  | Tino Chinyani  | Drama

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Television host and model Tino Chinyani, has slammed a xenophobic tweep who ruffled his feather on Twitter. It is no secret that Tino is a sweetheart, but when it comes to negative vibes, he swiftly draws the line and unleashes some fierce clap backs.

The TV host caught wind of a xenophobic tweep, encouraging South Africans to normalize refusing to be served by foreign nationals at restaurants, hotels, and garages, and that did not sit well with him.

The tweep said people must cancel their orders even it is from Takealot, should the driver be not South African.

She further said South Africans need jobs, so Zimbabweans must fall. Tino delivered at lethal clap back at the troll and he did not mince his words.

 The TV presenter said "FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART F*CK OFF. For you to come here and be openly xenophobic is genuinely disgusting. Check yourself."

A tweep reacted to this.

Main Image Credit: TimesLive
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