Thobeka Madiba Zuma wants her jewels back

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Tobeka Madiba-Zuma  | Drama

According to Sowetan live Madiba Zuma’s luggage was allegedly tampered with by SA Air link staff but extensive investigation had dismissed the allegations as they could not find any evidence that proved that employees from SA Air link had stolen any items from Mrs Zuma.

The alleged theft had occurred on the 15th of December 2012 while Mrs Zuma flew from Nelspruit Airport to OR Tambo International Airport.
Sowetan Live also reported that 3 days later the “first lady” wrote a statement declaring that her 36 pieces of expensive jewellery had been stolen from her unlocked cosmetic purse. (How smart)
Madiba-Zuma: “After we arrived (Bloemfontein), we rushed to get ready for a dinner.  That’s when I first opened my suitcase and realised that the cosmetics purse with all my exclusive jewellery was gone”
The head of SA Air link dismissed all Zuma’s allegations after SA Air link viewed CCTV footage of that day, the airline even went to the extent of taking all their employees to a polygraph test to prove that none of the employees were involved in the alleged debacle.
Madiba-Zuma is said to be conversing with her lawyers for further advice in how to handle the situation, her jewellery set was not ensured.