How Mome Saved Toll As* Mo From Committing Suicide

He opens up about the abuse allegations

By  | Dec 08, 2022, 07:28 PM  | Tol A$$ Mo  | Drama

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Comedian Toll Ass Mo was cleared of the serious allegations of rape and sexual assault, by model Lerato Moloi. He was a recent guest on Podcast and Chill With MacG where he candidly spoke about the allegations and how damaging they were to his brand, life and career. So much to the point where he had to go into hiding. 
Toll Ass Mo told the hosts MacG, Sol Phenduka and The Ghost Lady about how his life took a whole different turn when the allegations were made. 
He had to fight off the allegations and also fight off the I Believe Her Activists who came in full force to drag his name through the mud. 
He said this entire incident which dragged on for months affected his family. Because this was an alleged case of gender based violence, he said he feared for his life more than anything. So much to the point where he thought of ending it all. 
Had the case not been thrown out by the court, he feared that he would have spent about 35 years to life in prison. 
Thanks to his wife Mome Mahlangu, he did not commit suicide and instead was saved. 
Mome recently took to Instagram and slammed the activists and said they Re coming for each and everyone of them. 
In her lengthy statement she said, "A wife’s journey can be tough, 2yrs ago I was attacked and shamed for standing by a man I have been sleeping and eating with for almost 13 years of love and I’m grateful I didn’t read any of that hate speech by believers to protect my mental health…. I’m not a coward naturally and I’m very connected to my spirituality. I’m happy that I’m a dreamer, I knew it was a fabricated lie to destroy our union , 2 days of fair trial took place after 2 years of full investigation with her witnesses who didn’t believe her too , that time feminists are tweeting the NPA on the case for the victim to say in court it was mo’s DARK AURA that abused her at night when he was not there. You Believed Her cause u hate Mo&Mome."
"Dear believers, our cyber detective team and Mike Bolhuis have gathered your tweets, you contribute to the rising numbers of suicidal men in SA. We Currently in a civil case with the intention to proceed with her believers, very patient with this process. Someone has to take accountability cause a man could have been jailed for Lies. If not now then it will never happen and our black men will turn into Bafana who took his life then the girl said she was kidding. I can’t wait for Mo to share the court transcripts."
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