Trevor Noah Gives Oprah Tequila

Trev' got to interview Mama O!

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We have always known Trevor Noah to be one classy operator and we were reminded of this once again when he welcomed the most influential woman in global media and television to The Daily Show, Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah was a guest on Thursday night's episode of the Comedy Central late night show and although the interview was insightful, thought-provoking and entertaining (and we'll touch on it in more detail shortly!) but one of the highlights of her visit came before the cameras were even rolling.

While most interview guests are usually greeted with a fruit basket, a glass of water or, if they are really lucky, a packet of sweet chilli Doritos, 35-year-old-Noah pulled out all the stops to give Oprah a warm welcome. And when we say "warm" we mean the burning sensation you get in your chest after taking a shot because the comedian surprised his esteemed guest with a unique bottle of Tequila.

Judging from the video below it's fair to say that Oprah and her bestie, Gayle King, were thoroughly impressed:

As South Africans, hospitality is in our nature and it's great to see that Trevor hasn't lost his sense of welcoming after having moved to the States.

This lavish gift set the tone for what will certainly go down as one of The Daily Show's most notable interviews. During their chat (which extended beyond the full episode into the latest segment of Between the Scenes), they touched on Oprah's role in producing and flighting the controversial documentary "Finding Neverland".

Oprah confided to Trevor that she has never been more hated by the public at large, but explained why the story needed to be told. She said:

"I haven't had that much hateration since I did the puppy episode with Ellen [DeGeneres, the episode in which DeGeneres came out as gay]. But when I saw that documentary, I realized that a lot of people are going to be triggered by watching it, and a lot of people will not understand what the pattern is. 217 shows trying to get people to understand that it's not about one person, that it is about the pattern." "People call it molestation, but there is a big seducing that goes on... and that was important enough for me to take the hateration for,"

She also revealed that she has partnered up with Prince Harry for an exciting and informative show that is going to tackle mental health head on.

We're not saying the Tequila had anything to do with it, but Trevor sure did manage to get Oprah to open up! You can watch their Between The Scenes interview below ahead of the airing of their full interview in South Africa on Thursday night:

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