Trevor Noah Looking Forward To Life After Daily Show

He admits it was a challenge he does not miss

By  | Apr 21, 2023, 01:24 PM  | Trevor Noah  | Drama

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Hosting The Daily Show had its perks for Trevor Noah but he admitted in a recent interview that he will not miss the grind. His net worth shot up the roof after his hosting stint which won him accolades over the years. However, the pressure and the late nights are something of the past and he loves it.

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News of his departure was met with a lukewarm reception from The Daily Show viewers, with some vowing to never watch the comedy late night show again, to some breathing a huge sigh of relief that comedy had been restored. Trevor admitted on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he was a recent guest, that he misses some parts of hosting the popular American talk show, but not the hard work which comes with it. 

“I do miss the discipline," said Trevor to Stephen. He added, "I do miss the joy that came from cracking that nut every single day, but I don't miss the grind,” he continued. 

Here's more of what Trevor missed:

“The thing I missed most, and it happened mostly in the pandemic, and I know I'm not alone in this, I missed people. I missed two years of people's lives. I missed two years of eating food in South Africa. I missed two years of travelling with my family and friends."

Trevor then described hosting the Comedy Central show, to planning a wedding, saying it was like hosting a wedding everyday. 

“I remember there was one Met Gala after-party I was at. You’re at this event, it’s amazing everyone’s having a good time, you know there’s people dancing, there’s Rihanna, there’s Harry Styles and I’m in a corner like, ‘Is the filibuster tomorrow? What’s happening tomorrow?

“Making a daily Television show in many ways is like planning for a wedding. So, you’re thinking, ‘Who are the guests? What are you going to wear? What’s going to happen? Who’s going to be making a toast, and what will the speeches be about? What’s everybody eating, who’s sitting where? How’s it all going — and then the wedding happens, and then you go, ‘Alright, we’re doing another wedding tomorrow,'” Noah said.

During his final days on the show, Trevor told his correspondent that he is looking forward to growth and trying new things. 

“I'm looking forward to living a little more, expressing a little more, growing a little more, and trying new things,” Trevor told Roy Wood Jr.

Trevor is currently trending on social media and the last time he did was when tweeps found his long lost son. People made memes telling the host to go and get his son. 

Speaking of children, Trevor told Meghan Markle who is the Duchess of Sussex, that he is looking forward to being a father, in an interview.

“Yeah I’d love to. I think it would be a fascinating journey to be on.” He then further explained, “I would hope to be the kind of dad where my kid goes ‘this was a human being who loved me and cared for me and helped prepare me for the world but also appreciated me because they brought me into the world’,” said Trevor. 

“I want to be the kind of dad who appreciates the human being that I brought into the world. I think sometimes parents can be a****** and like ‘I brought you into this world… yeah I didn’t ask you to’. You need to relax with that. So, I would hope to be a dad who is soft and tough, and fun and stern. Someone who wants the best for my child and also isn’t afraid to engage with the child in me,” he added. 

On being a husband, he said, “I think I would be”. 

“I would want to be the kind of husband that my wife would want me to be. Even there I think we have so many limiting ideas on what marriage is. That’s where I loved seeing, Gen Z as they are called, just play with the ideas of what a relationship is and how a relationship is defined,” he said.

“The type of husband or the type of partner I would like to be is just the type who is the best possible puzzle piece for the other person I’m connecting with.” 

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