Trevor Reportedly Suffered 'Serious Grievous Injuries' After 'Botched' Surgery

He is taking legal action

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Trevor Noah has hogged headlines all over as his botched surgery at a hospital New York, Manhattan, is causing a stir. The Daily Show host allegedly underwent surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) and it failed dismally.

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Some of the crucial information has been left out from the various media reports due to patient confidentiality. However, it is said that the surgery performed by Dr. Riley J. Williams III in 2020, was a botched job.

In the legal papers obtained by CNN, the doctor and the hospital allegedly “failed to properly diagnose his illness and condition and failed to refer him to specialists with proper skill and training to treat his illness, and negligently performed exams and surgery”.

Now, Trevor argues that this lead him to allegedly “sustain permanent, painful, severe and grievous personal injuries, sustained severe nervous shock, mental anguish, severe emotional distress and great physical pain.”

According to IOL, the document further states that Noah, "was confined to bed and home for a long period of time; was compelled to undergo hospital and medical aid, treatment and attention; has suffered loss of enjoyment of life; was prevented from engaging in his usual occupation for a long period of time; and since some of his injuries are of a permanent nature, he will continue to suffer similar damages in the future."

Hitting back at these claims is the hospital who told People Magazine that the accusations are "meritless."

The statement reads as follows, "HSS received a complaint filed on behalf of Mr. Trevor Noah. We have shared with Mr. Noah's attorney a detailed rebuttal to the claims, which are meritless. Due to HIPAA, we are restricted by law from addressing publicly specific aspects of the treatment of any patient."

In other less devastating news, Trevor Noah was a guest on 60 Minutes with CBS, where he sat down with American journalist Lesley Stahl. Trevor trended the whole day after his interview where he spoke about his upbringing.

“Here’s the thing that I always say to people. Being poor in a group or in a community that is poor is not as bad as being poor when you know what you’re missing out on. So when I grew up, we played with bricks as cars. And you’d smash them into each other. And it was one of the most fun games I’ve ever played,” said Noah.

“The same thing with eating mopane worms. What I didn’t like was when we couldn’t eat anything else and my mom said, ‘We’re gonna have to eat these mopane worms for longer because we don’t have money to buy chicken’.”

Trevor Noah has amassed support worldwide with touring but when he got offered a job at The Daily Show, he saw it as a downgrade in his salary. But little did he know, he would easily become one of the highest paid comedians. According to Forbes. He said the last host before him, Jon Stewart, had to basically beg him to take the job.

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