Upcoming comedian thanks Trevor Noah

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Trevor Noah  | Drama

Known as “The ma se kind from Eldos’’ and proud winner of the 2010 Nandos Comedy Showdown, comedian Dillan Oliphant has publicly thanked Trevor Noah after he allowed Oliphant to be his opening act during his 2012 national tour.

Speaking to The Citizen, Dillan had the following to say: “Opening for Trevor was cool, but the best part of that whole experience was that I was performing in front of an audience which was there purely for comedy,” he told The Citizen.

Dillan went on to explain that Noah introduced him to a “genuine comedy audience’’. 

“Sometimes I would perform at a place where people did not want to be, or did not pay an entrance fee, so they did not appreciate the comedy and took it for granted.”

Dillan is slowly but surely becoming a household name in South Africa and we hope the only direction he goes is upwards.