In pictures: Tshepi Vundla's shares the joys of being a mom

Tshepi reflects on her journey of motherhood 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Tshepi Vundla  | Drama

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Tshepi Vundla

Tshepi Vundla has played the role of an influencer, stylist and girlfriend for a long time and had to open a new chapter of motherhood late last year, and although this might have been the most life-changing experience that drastically changed her perspective, she has embraced it and is enjoying every minute of it.

Vundla has been adamant that she had taken a break from the party scene after she had found out about her pregnancy. Reflecting the birth of her first son, Sibabalwe Bogopa, in celebration of his 1st birthday, she said that her experience as a new mother has been nothing but an eye-opening experience.

"On this day, a year ago at 13:07, your Papa & I were gifted with a prev[c]ious gift that is you, Sibabalwe Lehakwe Bogopa . You were named by both your loving grandmothers & your names are so fitting for you “Gift of God” & “Love of my life” because you a genuinely all that & more to me The last 12 months have been so scary, eye-opening, filled with little to no sleep & lots & lots of tears but I would not have it any other way because you have made me stronger, wiser, given me purpose. All I do is for you. You have taught me to be patient, you have made me so happy, I am more aware of my surroundings & you have made Mama way more relaxed & focus on more important things in life." she wrote, in a recent Instagram post.

Tshepi Vundla

Penning some of her precious moments of her son, she said: 

"May you continue to be the lover that you are, continue to dance like nobody is watching you, to have your laugh & naughty face make everyone around you laugh, may your fingers never get sore from all the clicking when a song comes on. May your eyes stay as innocent as they look, may your hugs get tighter & may you stay as stubborn as you are because you know exactly what you want. 

Thank you for all your daily million wet kisses, thank you for all the laughs, thank you for loving me even on my worst days, thank you for being the best alarm clock with your singing & laugh, thank you for making me see life differently, thank you for making me a better person, thank you for making me happy, thank you for completing me & most importantly, thank you for picking me to be your Mama."

"Happy First Birthday my @sibabogopa, I wish nothing but the best for you. Many more years to you my baby. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you. You are loved more than you will ever know."

Tshepi Vundla is co-parenting with rapper and producer JR and are quite happy with their relationship and the progress they have made with raising their first baby together.

JR's Family

Take a look at some of the images from his 1st birthday celebration:

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