#Utatakho: A sad yet happy ending for Njabulo Mkhize

 A victim of abuse & neglect, Njabulo seeks to find the truth about his family.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

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Njabulo Mkhize who has been dealt with a bad hand in life calls on the help of Nimrod Nkosi and the uTatakho team to help him solve his problems

Tuesday nights episode of uTatakho was a unique one, considering that the young gentlemen who had requested the assistance of a DNA test from the Utatakho team not only wanted to find out about his paternal side of his family but also his maternal side.

So, in this case, we had a case of uTatakho & uMamakho.

As a young man growing up with his mother Mrs Mkhize and his step-father Mr Mkhize, Njabulo experienced a lot of physical abuse from his step-father who would either point a gun at him or beat him up whilst his siblings witnessed the abuse.

Throughout the years, and understandably so, Njabulo felt neglected by his mother whom he feels did not protect him from the abuse.

His past with Mr Mkhize years later made him act out in a rage of anger towards the people he loved which lead to the loss of friends, jobs and caused a rift within his family and even caused for his siblings to fear him greatly as he (Njabulo) spiraled out of control.

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Because of his actions, Njabulo then felt it best to contact uTatakho to find out the truth about his mother whom he strongly believed didn't give birth to him.

His mother, Bathini Mkhize believed that she was Njabulo's mother and she was right, she is indeed his mother. 

It was also confirmed that Njabulo's biological father was a man by the surname of Madondo whom Bathini was with before she got married to Mr Mkhize.

It's clear that Njabulo had not gotten over the ill-treatment from his step-father those years ago and strongly blames her mother for letting the ongoing abuse continue right under her nose. 

And although the truth has been confirmed about the paternal and maternal situation, it is clear that Njabulo and his mother still have a long way to go when it comes to mending their relationship. 

At least Njabulo knows he's of the Madondo clan, yet he and his mom have a lot of work ahead of them in terms of fixing their mother/son relationship.

Here are some of the most poignant tweets from Tuesday night's show.

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