#Utatakho: Twitter drags Mam'Fundisi for her lies

Mam'fundisi was never ready for the scathing remarks she was about to receive from Twitterville.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama

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Utatakho has returned on our TV screens yet again and Tuesday nights episode of the show was nothing short of drama and embarrassment.

Now let's all be honest, Utatakho has now become infamous for exposing women for their infidelity. Almost 60% of the time we're bound to see a woman trying to convince herself and viewers that a certain man who has been brought onto the show is the father of her child, only to find out that the man is actually not the biological father.

Embarrassing right?

Well, this week was no different as a particular Mam'fundisi was adamant that Malume Phillip (The alleged father) was the man who fathered her child - Samkelo.

Oh, in case you didn't watch the show, this is the Mam'fundisi who was and is still being dragged on social media.


From the get-go, Malume Phillip, the gentleman right here...


....was also adamant that Samkelo was not his son and we're sure glad he stuck to his guns because the results backed his gut-feeling of not being the father.

Malume Phillip explained that Samekelo's father was a man by the name of Mxolisi who passed away a few years ago. However, Mam'fundisi denied this and explained that her and Mxolisi used to just "talk".


Yeah, sure Mam'fundisi, whatever you say.

The DNA tests revealed that they did more than just talk and boy did Twitter drag her for the "just talking" explanation.

2017 miracles -  chat to your crush and hope she gets pregnant just by conversing with you.

Or you could just avoid having conversations with the opposite sex all together.

But seriously guys, how will Mam'fundisi explain herself at church this Sunday?


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What are your thoughts on Tuesday night's episode?

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