Utatakho: Who is a Ngubane and who is not a Ngubane?

In a twist of events, Vincent finds out that him and his sister do not share the same father.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

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Vincent Ngubane is certain that he is not a Ngubane, as he searches for answers he ends up with more confusing questions.

Every episode of Utatakho is always a hard pill to swallow and Tuesday evenings episode was no different.

We got introduced to a middle-aged man by the name of Vincent Ngubane who has been struggling with a lot of challenges in his life and believes these struggles are a result of him not knowing his true identity.

Through extensive explanation from Vincent and his sister, we find out that Vincent has been searching for his "real" surname for some time now. At some point, he thought he was a Ndlovu but had since convinced himself that he was from the Bhengu clan.

During the duration of the show, Vincent's sister explains that Vincent had caused a lot of commotion within the family because of his want to find his real surname, to the point where he had disrespected the Ngubane family to which he then asked for forgiveness for.

Utatakho: Who is a Ngubane and who is not a Ngubane?

Vincent's father was a polygamist hence Vincent and the sister's half-brother was also brought into the episode to help fill in the missing puzzle to this family mystery. 

Vincent's mother was also brought in and according to her, she was one-hundred-percent sure that Vincent was a Ngubane and would take that to her grave.

The matter was so serious that Ngcengimpilo Bhengu, Vincent's alleged half-brother was also brought into the situation as well, as he (Ngcengimpilo) informed Utatakho that Vincent's mom and his father were once involved. 

However, when the results returned it showed that Vincent was not a Bhengu.

So the obvious answer would be that he (Vincent) is indeed a Ngubane right?


Well, not quite. When the Ngubane results were presented, they revealed that the results between Vincent and his other alleged half-brother from the Ngubane clan was inconclusive. 

Meaning that the father's of Vincent and his alleged Ngubane half-brother were either brothers or cousins.


Confusing right?

But wait, it gets even messier.

The DNA results also revealed that Vincent and his sister, share the same mother but not the same father.


So who is a Ngubane and who is not a Ngubane between Vincent and his sister? 

We'll just have to wait until Nimrod presents to us the second part of the DNA test as promised.

As for the mother, she is still convinced that Vincent and the sister are from the Ngubane clan.

If you're still confused, don't worry we're just as lost.

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