UthandoNesthembu: Was MaCele not fond of the late MaSaule?

We're only two episodes into the second season yet it seems MaCele is back with the drama.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama

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If there's one thing we've come to appreciate about Musa Mseleku is his determination to always do right alongside his family.

This week we were surprised to find out that Musa actually had a fifth wife who went by the name of Sindi Saule, MaSaule who is now late, was actually Musa's first girlfriend but got married to Musa after MaCele.Β 

Sindi passed on in a car accident a few years ago and had a great relationship with some of the wives, especially MaKhumalo.Β 

MaKhumalo shared that she and MaSaule had a great relationship, Sindi had always welcomed her with open arms even when MaKhumalo was just Musa's girlfriend. The two ladies were so tight they even had occasional lunch dates together.

Musa then sat all the ladies down for a meeting and shared that he would like for all his wives to go to MaSaule's grave for a visit as he knew the important role she played in bringing the wives together.Β 

When MaCele realised that the meeting was about Sindi, she did not take it well. MaCele even mentioned that if she knew that the meeting was about Sindi she would not have been in attendance.

Huh? But why MaCele?


And of course, Tweeps began speculating about the reason behind MaSaule's death.

Mrs CandyCrush - aka MaYeni was also a bit disinterested about the meeting but didn't seem as annoyed as MaCele.

Why was MaCele so touched about them going to MaSaule's grave? Did something happen between her and the late wife she doesn't want to speak about? We'll never know, but it's clear that MaCele wanted nothing to do with the visit to the grave and unsurprisingly so, she did not attend the visit to the grave.

We can only imagine what she'll have in store for us next week, especially considering that according to tradition, she and Musa aren't officially married as a traditional wedding between them has not yet taken place.

MaCele's attitude has started to rub some viewers the wrong way.


Whereas on the other hand some viewers absolutely love the drama MaCele is bringing to the show.

Do you think MaCele was just being dramatic or is she just being real about how she feels?

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