UyangthandaNa reveals the most painful rejection we've ever seen on TV

When your crush church-zones you to infinity

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Drama


People who go onto Uyangthanda Na? are the bravest of people we've ever seen on television. Do you actually know how difficult it is to even text your crush to let them know how you feel? Whereas going onto national television is just another extreme sports on its own.

This week we got introduced to 22-year-old Oratile who is head over heels in love with a young lady by the name of Bonolo.

The two attend church together, and through their occasional chats during and after church services, the young man developed strong feelings for the beautiful woman and thus could no longer contain his feelings inside.

Oratile then requested the assistance of Moshe and the Uyangthanda Na? crew to help him convey his feelings across to Bonolo and let's just say things didn't go as planned for the young man.

You can just tell by this expression that Bonolo's rejection hit Oratile where it hurts.


What shocked us the most was the way she rejected the poor guy. She did not friend-zone him but she literally church-zoned him, and for us, that is the highest level of rejection when it comes to this dating game.

At least when you're friend-zoned, there is at least a chance of you elevating yourself from just becoming a friend to become a lover but church-zone? There is absolutely no coming back from that.

For a second there, Bonolo had our hopes up when she reached out to hold his hand, little did we know that that was just a gesture to help him cope with the bomb she was about to detonate on him.

These are just a few quotes from Bonolo's rejection that gave us and Oratile a number of chest pains:

  1. "...I love you neh, but with the love of God not of a relationship."
  2. "My blood does not mix with his, I"m not feeling him."


3. "I love you not in the way of a relationship, but in a way where we can both groom each other on the path of God."


By this point, if I was Oratile, I would've asked for the camera's to stop rolling. 

These are some of our favourite reactions from Twitter after Oratile realised that he had been served with a cold glass of rejection.

So if you're still planning on going to Uyangthanda Na? Maybe you should reconsider?

We cannot watch another poor soul get rejected like this.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic