Vusi Nova Denies Exploiting 65-Year-Old Tanky-Tanky With Beer Payment

"We are both writers of the song and we share royalties 50/50"

By  | May 10, 2022, 08:08 AM  | Vusi Nova  | Drama

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Following the premiere of season 5 of Living The Dream With Somizi, award-winning musician Vusi Nova trended concurrently with Somizi and Mohale after admitting he didn't like Mohale for Somizi, but tolerated him for their love. He released a new single titled “Ndincede” last week and fans online are accusing him of exploiting granny Tanky Tanky who co-wrote the song in exchange for a crate of beer and a lousy sum of R3000.

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Vusi Nova recently visited 65-year-old granny Tanky Tanky “Tengz” Mabutho last week in her home in Cape Town ahead of the release of his single Ndincede which she’s said to have composed. He uploaded a video with the songwriter in her home dancing to the song alongside her family and neighbours and wrote the caption, “Finally found her and went to visit her and we had the time of our lives. Played her the full song that I’m releasing on Friday and she totally loves it and she gave me all the blessings in the world. Teng Teng hiStars,” wrote Vusi.

They sat in Tengz’s living room and shared funny moments with the social media break-out star singing other songs with funny lyrics for the musician who dubbed her a “character and a rack star,” and everyone in Granny Tengz’s community also welcomed Vusi with warm arms and excitement.

Industry friends and fellow musicians started commenting on his posts commending him for “putting on” Granny Tengz and referring to his actions in many ways including “dope”. DJ Zinhle, Reason, actor Seekay, and designer David Tlale were some of the popular personalities who liked this.

However, reports started circulating on Social Media yesterday with the rumour that Vusi Nova who is making sufficient amounts of money from his music only paid Granny Tengz who inspired the whole song in alcohol and some pennies. It is alleged that Vusi Nova bought Tengz a crate of beer in exchange for her blessings in using the song and R3000 but fans are calling it “exploitation.”

Granny Tengz gained her social media break-out after a video of her singing the new Vusi Nova song went while sitting on a couch wearing Airforce 1s went viral of Facebook and Twitter. Online users fell in love with her, the funny lyrics in her song and her carefree and expressive spirit. The video garnered over 200K views on Twitter in its first drop to the timeline and reached many users including Vusi Nova who saw an opportunity for a studio single.

He started promoting the single through radio and newspaper magazines last week after its release and even scored an interview with the biggest commercial radio station in the country, Metro FM.

Vusi and Tanky Tank have since been maintaining companionship on social media even denying these allegations with the claims that they are “rubbish”. The musician took to social media to assure fans and followers that he and Tanky are on the same page. He posted a series of videos of Tanky Tanky singing his latest single Ndincede together with a video wishing her a happy mother’s day and wrote the caption, “As they write rubbish, Tengza, her family and I are on the same page. Ndincede is now available on all digital platforms.” He also said he was visiting Tengza again next week.

“Myself, Tanky and her family are on the same page. We are both writers of the song and we share royalties 50/50. I think people are trying to f**k up something that's great and it's sad. Everything is legit. Can people just let us be? We are cool, everyone else is trying to make this thing as something that it's not,” he also wrote in an Instagram post.

She also responded in a video that Vusi posted to his social media platforms where she thanked him for his mother’s day wish and requested he honours his visit next week to “disappoint the devil.”

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