A Look At Sizwe Dhlomo And Vusi Thembekwayo's Latest Twar

Seems Vusi has had enough of Sizwe dragging him for filth on the timeline.

By  | Mar 15, 2023, 01:23 PM  | Vusi Thembekwayo  | Drama

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While Hip-Hop might have been fascinated by the beef between Cassper Nyovest and late Hip-Hop legend Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, the world of “English accents” had the ongoing beef between Sizwe Dhlomo and Vusi Thembekwayo. A twar that started in the mid-2010s has continued into the 2020s.

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This is as Vusi has reignited his public back-and-forth with Sizwe during his latest in-depth interview with controversial podcaster Paneul “The Black Pen.”  While the interview focused on Thembekwayo’s latest utterances on apartheid being more capable than the current ruling party, what got more interest was his sentiments on his rivalry with Sizwe. 

A look at Sizwe Dhlomo and Vusi Thembekwayo’s latest twar

It all started when clips of his sentiments on Sizwe Dhlomo from the aforementioned and shared interview were circulated on Twitter. Vusi suggested that it was Sizwe that fueled their social media back-and-forth in an attempt to trend because if he was serious about alleging that Vusi copied his previous statements, he could have called.
Vusi then went on to suggest that his respect for Sizwe went down the drain when he then started to attack his children as part of his attempt to continue using his name to trend on social media. Moreover, Vusi was adamant that Sizwe was the one who was obsessed with him as he continually chirps whenever he trends on social media.
Sizwe then got wind of the interview and the clip which was shared of Vusi talking smack toward him. Safe to say, Sizwe had a number of things to say. First, he denied ever speaking on Vusi’s children. A fact which was proven when clips from his latest Podcats and Chill interview were shared. 

The clip showed Sizwe purporting the allegations that Vusi was abusive towards his wife at the time. Claims that Vusi has denied and subsequently stopped speaking on as it seems that as a family, they reached a legal and mutual agreement following their divorce.
However, what seemed to confuse a lot of tweeps, was when Sizwe then suggested that Vusi was doing all this PR and podcast run due to the financial issues that he knows he is having. While the matter of Thembewkayo’s finances cannot be ascertained, the confusion came as Sizwe has also done Podcast and Chill and that did not indicate that he was broke. Therefore, it was hard to understand the correlation with Vusi doing his own podcast run.
Sizwe’s last tweet directed at Vusi was to poke fun at Vusi speaking in isiZulu. This is as his accent and use of English has been the site of many jokes in the past as Sizwe suggested that he was using isiZulu to sound more relatable and humble.
While Sizwe might have tagged Vusi on most of his initial sentiments directed at him. It seems that Vusi is sticking to his guns to not affiliate himself with Sizwe directly. This is as he has not responded directly to Sizwe despite having been tagged in a number of tweets directed at him by Sizwe and his followers. 

Instead, he used the fact that he was trending again to punt his own business ventures along with the interview. All he said was that the interview was two years in the making and that he was grateful for the chance to share his previously polarising sentiments in his own voice and as nuanced as possible.

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