Yanga Chief In A Heated Twar With Nota

Nota's conspiracy theories have angered Yanga

By  | Feb 28, 2023, 09:02 AM  | Yanga Chief   | Drama

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Yanga Chief has called out Nota Baloyi for his dangerous accusations regarding the shocking murder of rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. Nota took to Instagram as he is banned on Twitter, to call out the people who were with AKA for not protecting him the night of the fatal shooting.

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Nota listed the people who are on his suspect list, possibly endangering them as people are flooding their Instagram accounts with questions asking what happened to AKA. Others are accusing them of having a hand in the murder because Nota had called them out.

Reacting to AKA's death, Yanga said, "unbelievable."

Yanga highlighted how the conspiracy theories are dangerous in the sense that people are deviating the attention away from the real killers.

Taking to Instagram, Yanga said Nota was not allowed inside Kiernan's house to be part of the mourners. He even said that AKA was not a fool to allow his friends to betray him.

"You’re not gonna push some narrative that AKA was some kind of fool who was betrayed by his friends just so you can feel better about being an out and out hater while he was still breathing!!! You are the enemy Msu*u!!! We don’t f*ck with you!! Bozo!!! Neither did FORBES!!!" said an angry Yanga.
Yanga then asked people if they really believed Nota, "But this fu*ken guy is y’all’s moral compass?!??? The only reason we don’t speak on this clown is because his files involve other people that don’t deserve the smoke. He knows that. That’s why he goes so hard.
Yanga's clapbacks kept on coming:

Yanga then said they are in pain over Kierna's death, "We can’t fuc*en breathe out here. We can’t eat, sleep or think!!! And you wanna act like this is some fuc*en movie. You have no heart!! You will never be Kiernan!!! You will never be Kwesta!!! You will never be any of us bi*ch!!"
Yanga added that Nota was not allowed inside AKA's home.
Nota accused the people AKA was with the night of the murder. 

“They (T Effect) took him to Durban to go die. They isolated him from us. There was nobody left to protect him when it mattered the most. They made him post his location so that they could have him killed. I believe everyone involved in taking Kiernan to Durban was in on killing him. The CCTV footage says it all. We can see who was there for the rehearsals. If the cops bungle this we’ll make sure Tony Forbes gets the answers he deserves.

“Durban, we don’t want you fucking AKA tributes, we want answers. Who ordered this hit, and who are the shooters? Everyone but Tibz and the driver, was part of their set-up so Kiernan’s crew need to each individually prove themselves innocent beyond a reasonable doubt. Until we have confessions, my suspects ate Saso, DJ Feel, Don Design, and Scorpio Siya.”

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