Zahara flees car accident scene

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Zahara  | Drama

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Squeaky clean afro-soul singer Zahara has found herself in a sticky situation after she was involved in a car accident in the Eastern Cape. Zahara was apparently driving a rented SUV when it unexpectedly crashed into a cement block and toppled over.

Reports from the Sowetan and several eye witnesses said that the accident occurred last week Friday around 1am, but TK Nciza who is the co-owner of TS Records had a different story to tell when he spoke to Daily Sun.

“Zahara was in an accident on Friday at about 5pm or 6pm, the electric pole is nowhere near any houses and was in the opposite direction.’’

The electric pole that Zahara’s car supposedly hit, left residences around the area without electricity for two days. One of the eye witnesses who spoke to reporters explained that Zahara was behaving rather strangely during the entire incident.

"When we called the cops she tried to stop us. She said she had already called them. While we were still waiting, the Mercedes arrived and she fled the scene, leaving her sister, brother and another passenger behind.’’

Another witness on the scene who goes by the name Mzukisi Mpinana claimed that the pole ripped out the wires of his house also damaging the transformer and roof. 

“The electrician said the damage would cost about R60 000 and we want her to pay. When she failed to pitch up we want to open a case of malicious damage to property.’’ 

Regardless of all the claims that Zahara was the one driving the car, the police have dismissed all allegations that she was the driver.  Captain Mluleki Mbi explained that all information gathered at the scene clearly point that the driver of the vehicle was someone else.

Zahara, who only received her driver’s license last year, could not be reached for comment

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