TS Records Hits Back At Zahara

TS Records takes legal action against Zahara over royalty claims

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Zahara  | Drama

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And so the plot thickens with Zahara and TS Records.

Not too long ago Zahara came for TS Records necks, querying the whereabouts about the  "millions" they owe her, during the height of her career.

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But it doesn't seem to look like that "Loliwe" has passed by. TS Records has hit back at Zahara's claims, issuing a cease-and-desist letter to the star preventing her making "false and defamatory statements" about the company to the media on the matter.
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TK Nciza, who owns the label with DJ Sbu, has denied the allegation. In a letter dated April 11, which is addressed to Zahara, the company's attorneys Rosengarten & Feinberg said they had noted Zahara's utterances on several media platforms and called on her to refrain from making any false or defamatory comments on the matter. They also disputed her claims.

A copy of the letter was posted by DJ Sbu on Instagram this morning, along with several other statements from TS Records, Universal Music and Sheer Publishing - all claiming that they did not owe Zahara anything.

Sowetan reported earlier this week that the singer had accused TS Records of underpaying her for performances, record sales and royalties. She later told Metro FM's Mo Flava that she would sometimes get "a mere R10,000"- sobbing. Like, this 'Country Girl' was crying on air, so why would this be a false claim?

Zahara has stated that she has seen this letter but neither she nor her legal team has been served.

She said her lawyers were in the process of drawing up a request to TS Records for copies of all contracts involving her during her time at the label so that they could be reviewed by her team of lawyers and accountants.

Zahara said she was saddened by DJ Sbu's stance after she claimed he had offered his support to her.

The singer also took to social media to tell fans that she intends to leave the fight up to her lawyers and thanked them for their support.
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It looks like the kind of messy divorce that lives in Hollywood but we're here to see what unfolds when it goes down.

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