Zahara's Drinking Problem Resurfaces Again?

Or was it a case of just a bad performance...

By  | Oct 08, 2022, 10:05 AM  | Zahara  | Drama

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Zahara is again facing allegations of having a drinking problem. Allegations, which have plagued the musicians since the early days of her career. It seems that when she is not waging war against DJ Sbu and the ongoing speculation that he robbed her of her royalties. It does not take long until the matter of her alleged drinking problem rears its ugly head to ruin whatever good work she has been doing. 

Zahara's drinking problem resurfaces

In recent months, Zahara has been travelling across Africa as she has garnered a fan base within the continent. Her most recent travels saw her travel to Accra, Ghana to perform. All things seemed well in terms of her getting her life back together. 
But then this was all ruined when attendees at the Macufe Festival took to Twitter to share videos from her performance the night before. In the videos, Zahara audibly sounds off key as she struggles between slurs to perform her touching and spiritually charged song, Ndiza. The initial post did not suggest that she was drunk, but left it to the public to put one and one together to get whatever number they wanted to get. 
In most instances, tweeps on social media leaned more towards believing that the singer had again gone under the bender and was performing drunk. Even Nota took to social media to suggest that her recent viral performance was more evidence that Zahara has been slandering DJ Sbu and TK Nciza with the constant allegations that she was short changed by her former record label, TS Records. 
But there were still some tweeps who believed that this was not an indication that Zahara was drunk. Instead, there were some that suggested that she had a “bad day at the office.” While some were other attendees at the festival who suggest that they personally enjoyed her performance and the video shared was intent on making her look bad. 
At the time of writing this article, Zahara had not responded to the matter. But it is only a matter of time until she does as silence might only fuel the matter further. 
Moreover, if you were wondering like the rest of us, who is Zahara’s manager?

Well, it seems that she has moved her business ventures inward as her brother is her manager. It is unclear whether the same brother is the one that used to manage her when Zahara was last embarrassed on social media when the acapella group that she was singing with posted a video with her performing again in what looked like a drunken state. 
Whatever the case is, we do hope that Zahara is able to get the help that she needs. But if it is not help with her drinking problem, we do hope that she does get help with her PR as it seems that she cannot have any wins without there being a moment which embarrasses her publicly to take away from all the little victories she has before having to deal with another public scandal. 

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