DJ Sbu Gets Dragged For Zahara Comments

So did he pay her or not?

By  | Dec 20, 2021, 09:21 AM  | DJ Sbu  | Drama

Image of DJ Sbu and Zahara
Zahara and DJ Sbu have been locked in a long public battle over royalties, as the Izolo crooner accused Dj Sbu of refusing to pay her for her Loliwe album. Once again, the Dj insisted that he owes her nothing, and Mzansi is not too happy with him. 

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the music producer recently fueled the fire between him and Zahara when he said he had never and would never seek to profit from Zahara. He doubled down on the claim he has been making for years - that he does not owe Zahara any money as she has led the public to believe. 
The producer further said in the interview that he does not hold Zahara to any debt, because he considers it his responsibility to help others rise up, which is what he believes he did for her. This was all well with fans. After all, we did expect them to each have their side of the story. 
However, it was his comments on his wealth that rubbed tweeps the wrong way and got him dragged. Sbu said that he was already rich when he met Zahara, so there was no way he could have been angling for her money when she was still struggling. 
Tweeps are shocked at the audacity in his statement. They thought the statement sounded arrogant, and that he always claims to be rich but they have never seen any evidence of his financial status. They also believe that being rich does not automatically mean he did not take advantage of Zahara, and that cannot be his only “evidence”. 

Some tweeps have flat out refused to believe his story. It is especially suspicious, they think, that it took him this long to come out and say this. If it is true, he would have said it from the beginning. But some believe him and are pointing the blame at Zahara, whom they believe mismanaged her finances then came back to cry after. 
However, fans may remember that this is not the first time the DJ is speaking on the issue of Zahara’s royalties. He came forward once before with a press statement from the label saying that all monies owed to her had been paid in full.

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But it seems that tweeps are committed to believing Zahara over DJ Sbu, and now it seems that the DJ may have to stop defending himself. There is little point in saying the same thing over and over if nobody believes it. Either that, or bring new evidence that will finally convince Mzansi that he is telling the truth. 

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