Zandie Reveals Plans To Testify In The Senzo Meyiwa Trial

She says she is in talks with the police

By  | Sep 29, 2022, 12:57 PM  | Zandile "Zandie" Khumalo  | Drama

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The Senzo Meyiwa murder trial will continue on November 14, and Zandie Khumalo is likely to take the stand. She was one of the people who was present in the house the night the goalie was shot and killed. 

Taking to Instagram to gush over her husband Mhlo Gumede, Zandie revealed in her message that the police have been contacting her so she can be one of the witnesses to take the stand. 

“The best dad in my world, the one who makes things happen but doesn't ever mind the 'behind the scenes' role. My 'Mr Calm' my 'Don't worry baby it will work out'," she said. 

She said when she told Mhlo about the call she received from a Brigadier, Zandie was at peace when her husband said the police should come. 

"Yesterday I said to him 'Brigadier so and so called. They want to come to the house on Thursday and consult with me cos they want me to go and testify on the SM case'. He calmly said 'Abeze phela' and suddenly I was at peace . Thank you Myeni wami (my husband) for everything, you are really my source of strength.”

This comes after they had a Christening for their son Zenala and put a united front with her sister Kelly Khumalo. 

This would not be the first time Zandie speaks on this matter. In a exclusive interview with eNCA she told her side of the story as to what was the gathering about the night at Kelly's house 

She had revealed that they were going to discuss Kelly's lobola. 

But Zandie took aim at Senzo's wife and mother-in-law saying they too should be looked into. 

“Looking at this whole situation if someone is dead and is a husband if someone the first suspect would be the girlfriend or the wife.

“But no one has ever looked at Mandisa. Why is she not being investigated? Is it even possible that Senzo’s mother and Mandisa conspired? Why can’t police look at other people, look at other possibilities? No one has ever looked at Mandisa, our phones were taken, and Mandisa’s phone has never been taken, why is she not being investigated?”

On Senzo Meyiwa's mother, she said, “Senzo’s mom was on TV saying she tried by all means to end Kelly and Senzo’s relationship, she even went as far as getting muthi….maybe she and her daughter-in-law sent a hitman, not necessarily to target Senzo but to target Kelly to make sure their relationship doesn’t happen.”

On Instagram, Zandie wrote, "For the very first time in this country kushona umyeni ushonela [a married man dies] at a girlfriend's house yet the wife has never even once been considered a suspect. Wake wayizwaphii leyonto??? [where have you ever heard of that] whether she did it or not the investigation will determine but naye akaphenywe [she must also be investigated.]"

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