Uncle Waffles Receives Her 4X Platinum Plaque

She is winning in all avenues

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Following the heated argument on Twitter where fans were comparing Uncle Waffles as the best DJ's to other fellow female DJ's. The proof  must be in the pudding, as Uncle Waffles just received her 4X Platinum Awards for her outstanding work.

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At the age of 22 years old, Uncle Waffles is definitely the youngest DJ to have accomplished all that she has at this age. Even after being compared to other female DJ's who are doing equally great as her. However, Uncle waffles has proven time and again that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Taking to social media to announced her 4X Platinum Plaque, Uncle Waffles has attributed all her success to her fans. She continued to elude that without her fans she wouldn't be where she is right now.

"yall did that!" wrote Uncle Waffles
Fellow industry friends as well as fans have congratulated Uncle Waffles on her achievement, especially this platinum plaque.

"Congratulations babygirl" wrote Pharoahfi
"Congratulations beautiful, you deserve it" wrote Callym Africa
"We thank you for not giving up.we thank you for beating the odds like @ChrisExcel102" wrote Mya Syah
"That picture stares into one's soul EVERYTIME" wrote Tlotlano Kgosien
"Trust me I know this feeling Uncle Waffles, This is Huge uncle waffles you definitely deserve it" wrote Collen KM
"They under estimated you and no women DJ even talked about you. You did it with or without their support" wrote Azania
"Big congratulations, we love you so much" wrote Silence Hlabangwani
As well as expected, some tweeps have seen an opportunity to questions Uncle Waffles success, pertaining this platinum plaque. While inserting digs and jabs, tweeps have mocked South Africa and its music standard as a joke.

"Just 80 thousand units ,aowa ban this is not even worth gold plaque. South African standard is just low ffs" wrote Lesego
"How are these "80k Units" calculated or tallied up? #Angilwi" wrote Kwena
"Uyithenga nini imoto/crib sijabulisane nawe" wrote Mihlali
Congratulations to Uncle Waffles on her platinum plaque!

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