A Greed & Desire extra and alleged Generations actress is scamming people

Con artists and scammers are coming out of the woodworks.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Zanele Makhanya  | Drama

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Just this week we've received two complaints about two alleged con artists in the entertainment world.

First, it was General who appeared on Date My Family, and now a woman by the name of Zanele Makhanya has come under our radar after a very bereaved ZAlebs reader informed us that she was scammed by this Zanele woman.

Now you're probably reading this and asking yourself, who on earth is Zanele? 

Well, according to the reader, Zanele was on Mzansi Magic's Greed and Desire.

ZAlebs went on to contact M-Net's Head of Public Relations for Local Entertainment Channels - Nondumiso Mabece who explained that the accused was an extra on Greed and Desire and is not necessarily an actress of the show. They currently also are not in contact with the woman.

Zanele has apparently appeared on Generations as well, we reached out to Generation but have not yet received a response from them with regards to this woman.

The victim sent us an extensive e-mail pleading for us to create an awareness about this woman, so others will not fall victim of her scams.

Here's the message the woman sent to us.

Please help expose this Greed and Desire Actress Zanele Makhanya who has been scamming people for months.

I came across a page on Instagram about a year ago and followed it, it is run by Zanele Makhanya (@DivaFabulousZah) where she sells everything from shoes to bags to clothes, she later created a page (@DivaFabulousZahShop) which only concentrates on advertising her merchandise.

Late last year I saw a special on her page where she was selling a combo of 3 pairs of Adidas sneakers for an amount of R1600, I enquired and she told me to deposit the money to her Capitec account then she will courier the stuff for me. I did just that and forwarded her proof of payment (see attachment) this was on 2 January 2017. She acknowledged that she received it and asked me to send through my address.

Twenty days later Zanele had not made contact, I sent her a WhatsApp message asking for tracking number or when I can expect my stuff, there was no response from her on 3 occasion.

This is when I started to get suspicious and went to her Instagram account to try and reach out to her from there, to my surprise her comments notifications are switched off, meaning you can only like her pictures but can't comment." Read the message


The victim also claims that the Zanele woman is allegedly friends with photographer and socialite, ThickLeeyonce & attempted to get in touch with ThickLeeyonce to see if she could assist in getting a hold of Zanele.


"I then sent her a DM and still no answer, I then reached out to her friend (@ThickLeeyonce) and asked her to get Zanele to at least respond to my messages, she also never replied to me but I think she forwarded the message to Zanele, because on the same day after many failed attempts from my side of trying to reach her, Zanele on that day sent me a WhatsApp message which simply said "Hi Siza I will assist you later" which was the last I heard from her."


It may seem like this woman has been scamming a whole lot of people since last year.


Here's an image of the alleged scammer.

zanele makhanya

And here's a comment from her after a customer inquired about their order.


Be careful of who you buy products from on social media guys, there are a lot of opportunists out there.

Main Image Credit: Facebook/Greed&Desire

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