Misfortune Follows Zinhle

Bank guns for her most prized possession

By  | Apr 19, 2021, 03:05 PM  | Zinhle Ngwenya  | Drama

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Zinhle Mabena and her estranged soon-to-be ex-husband are reportedly not only faced with marital problems, but they are also supposedly having financial constraints as well. City Press alleged that the former Isibaya actress could be homeless anytime soon.

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The actress and her husband Robert Ngwenya have allegedly missed a certain number of bond payments for their R7 million mansion in Midrand. These payments, according to the publication, were being paid by Robert Ngwenya.

Zinhle has since reacted to these reports saying they are fallacious. Through her representative, they told The Citizen that they were not aware of such claims but flatly denied them.

Her husband, Robert's publicist did not deny nor confirm these reports.

Their marital problems became open for public consumption when she got arrested under the assumptions that she was out to have him killed. He filed three charges against her which include theft and malicious damage to property, whereas the other two are for assault.

Last month, two of the three charges were dropped against Zinhle, but the assault charges are still pending. He got caught trying to frame her when he slashed his own car tyres hence the court dismissing theft and damage to property were thrown out because her ex-husband was allegedly caught on tape slashing his own car tyres.

Robert also claimed to have been physically abused by Zinhle and in a lengthy post wrote the following:

“Consciously, I have taught my children, my family and even my wife that abuse in any form is wrong and it must never be tolerated irrespective of who dishes it. That behavior must be confronted immediately and everyone in the house must never be stopped from reporting such to authorities and law enforcement agencies.

"It is a principle I teach and live by. To lead by this example, when I, at some point in my own marriage felt abused by my own wife, not only did I seek a restraining order, but I even laid a complaint with the police because I couldn’t stand physical abuse."

Speaking about her traumatic life in prison, Zinhle denied wanting to kill Robert and told Daily Sun that she is thankful for her family for standing by her despite the ‘lies’ which spread like wildfire. 

I cannot pretend and begin to explain how traumatic last night was for me to spend a night in police detention. I thank my family, close friends and my legal team for their support and faith in my innocence despite the despicable and utter lies that are spreading against me.”

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