Inside Zinhle Mabena And Robert Ngwenya's Court Drama

Here we go again....

By  | Feb 26, 2021, 02:20 PM  | Zinhle Ngwenya  | Drama

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The on-going feud between Zinhle Mabena and Robert Ngwenya has now taken a new turn as the court has ruled in favour of Ngwenya!
The couple were in court this week after Mabena requested a warrant of arrest to be issued when her husband violated the protection order a few days ago. The protection order was issued in December last year after the actress complained to the family court.

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Ngwenya’s lawyer, Shani van Niekerk told Daily Sun: “The main reason we came to court today was for him to not be arrested and that was successful. Justice was served and this was what was supposed to happen. The matter is not completely over and we think there’s still a long road ahead of us but for now it’s done.”
Mabena lawyer, Joshua Lazarus stated: “The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they will turn. It’s true that he was not arrested, but certain provisions of the interim protection order still stand.”

Sowetan Live confirmed the contents of the document as quoted by the publication which read: “Therefore you are hereby authorised and ordered to forthwith arrest the respondent (Ngwenya) in terms of the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, 1998, if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the complainant (Mabena) may suffer imminent harm as a result of the alleged breach of the protection order by the respondent.”
The recent court drama all began when Mabena’s ex-husband, Robert Ngwenya  tried to visit Mabena several times and Mabena requested for him to be arrested.
The two were also trending a few days ago when Ngwenya revealed to the public that his actress ex-wife was abusing him physically.

Ngwenya released a statement to the media which read: “At some point in my own marriage [I] felt abused by my own wife. Not only did I seek a restraining order, but I even laid a complaint with the police because I couldn’t stand physical abuse.

It, therefore, cannot come as a shock or something out of the ordinary if my child or my own wife lay such a complaint against me or any other member of the family.

Any kind of abuse, whether real or imagined, must be, without fail, reported to law-enforcement agencies and let the courts establish facts and mete out the appropriate punishment. Whether perpetrated by a man or a woman, abuse of any form must never be tolerated.”

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