Zodwa Wabantu's Ben 10 Transforms Her

We love this for her

By  | Nov 04, 2021, 09:51 AM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

Image of Zodwa Wabantu
Mzansi’s favourite socialite has undergone a radical transformation, and she has her man to thank for it. She went on her social networks to officially debut her new look, and we are here for it!
Zodwa recently shared a series of pictures of herself with very short hair. It seems that she decided to change her whole look, as she has been rocking longer hair for a long time. The transformation must have been part of a bonding process with her young lover Olefile Mpudi. He did the cut for her, and she seems very proud of the work he did. 

In a rare show of vulnerability, the performer asked her fans and her man whether they would still love her now that her hair was all gone. It was all good feedback, as her loyal fans poured into her comments to pledge their eternal love for her. Regardless, Zodwa seemed happy with her choice, as she affirmed herself in her caption “I love you Zodwa Wabantu ❤️‍🔥”. 

It’s great that she celebrates herself with no reservations, and we applaud her for her confidence and self-love. This is truly inspiring as she has had to endure a lot, and deal with it in the public eye. Just recently, she was sexually assaulted while she was performing on stage. An entitled fan thought that the fact that she is a self-titled pantyless dancer, and that she took off her underwear on stage in the middle of her performance, meant an invitation to touch her private parts without permission. The video made the nation cringe. Zodwa pushed him away and laughed off the assault, and she is yet to address the incident in public. Even so, it raised questions about what else she goes through because of her public image. 

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She was also banned from Zimbabwe because of her adamant loyalty to the brand and public image she has cultivated, and the fact that she refused to compromise it and dress more conservatively to perform in the country.

Despite all of this, Zodwa shows her fans time and again that she has a heart of gold and is just misunderstood. Just recently, she was filmed raining money on strippers in a club in Jo’burg. She gave them R1000 wads in tips, and they were very grateful to her. 

Her new look, coupled with her great generosity in recent times, seems to signal that she is attaining great inner peace, which is a great accomplishment. It was her birthday only a few days ago, and we are glad she is happy with her life. 

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